Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is the easiest way for small businesses to be found by customers online. When you sign up, the information about your business will appear when customers are looking for you in Search and Google Maps. And you also create a Google+ page to connect with your fans.

Google My Business also provides you with a single dashboard to manage your presence on Google, including updating your business information, responding to customer feedback as the business owner and reviewing valuable insights on how customers find you online. Learn more at

What can I do with the Google My Business dashboard?

Your Google My Business dashboard contains cards to manage your online presence:

Business Info: Make sure customers always have up-to-date information about your business

Insights: Learn more about your customers and how they interact with your business online, including their demographics and how they find your page.

Share: Post updates, pictures and events to connect with your customers online - and bring them to your door.

Reviews: See what customers are saying about your business online, and respond to their feedback as the business owner.

AdWords Express: Easily access your online ads from the same location as your page.

Do I need a personal Google account to sign up for Google My Business?

No. You can use your business’s email address to sign up.

I had Google Places for Business listing. Will it be upgraded to Google My Business?

Yes. You should be able to see the Google My Business dashboard soon.

I had local Google+ page. Will it be upgraded to Google My Business?

Yes. You should be able to see the Google My Business dashboard soon and manage your +page with it.

Someone left an unfair review about my business on Google+. Can I remove it?

Customer reviews cannot be deleted. As the business owner, you can respond to that review directly on your Google +page or through the Reviews card on the Google My Business dashboard. If you think the review violates Google Policy, you can flag the review as inappropriate, and Google will review it.

What is Google+?

Google+ is the social media link that connects some of Google’s most popular products, like Gmail, YouTube and Google Local. With features like Hangouts, Circles, and Events, Google+ offers your business options to communicate and converse with customers online.