Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google+?

Google+ is the social media link that connects some of Google’s most popular products, like Gmail, Youtube, and Google Local.  With features like Hangouts, Circles, and Events, your business has many options to communicate and converse with customers online.

Why should I create a Google+ Page for my business?

With a Google+ Page, your business has another opportunity to be found online.  If you select the ‘Local Business or Place’ category during sign up, your listing can show up on search results, Google Maps, Google+, and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

A Google+ page helps you communicate with customers in new ways. For example, you can gather customer feedback, answer questions, share news and events, and even chat face-to-face without leaving the office!  Customers who follow your page can stay up-to-date on your latest news and experience a more personal side of your business.

Do I need a personal Google account to sign up for Google+?

To use any of Google’s products and services, you need a free Google account. If you use Gmail, it is automatically a Google account. Or, you can register another email address at

Once you have a Google account, your next step is to create a Google+ profile for yourself, the human. Once you’ve created that, you can create a separate Plus Page for your business. Customers who find your business profile cannot see that it is linked to your personal profile.

What happened to Google Places?

Google Places is now called Google+ Local Listings.  When people search for your business online, the local results provide links to Listings within Google+ instead of Google Places.  From here, they can rate, review and upload photos, just like with Google Places!

You will continue to manage your business information within Places for Business. To revise information on your Google+ Local Listing, sign in and make edits as usual. 

If you don’t currently use Google Places for Business (or Google+ Local Listings), you can create one at

For Google advertisers: location extensions and AdWords Express continue to work as before and no action is required.

Learn more about Google+ Local

Will all businesses in Google Places have a Google+ page?

No, all businesses in Google Places will have a Google+ Local Listing.  You will need to create a Google+ Page to utilize tools, like Hangouts and Circles, that help you connect with your customers.

If my business is verified on Google Places, do I need to verify my new Google+ Local page, too?

No. If your business is verified on Google Places, you do not have to repeat that step for your Google+ Local page.

Someone left an unfair review about my business on my Google Local Listing. Can I remove it?

Customer reviews cannot be deleted. As the business owner, you have the ability to respond to that review on your Local Listing.  If you think the review violates Google Policy, you can flag the review as inappropriate, and Google will review it.

Do I need to link my Google+ Page and my Google Local Listing?

Yes!  Once you have a Google Local Listing and a Google+ Page for your business, make sure you verify both. It is easy to verify your Local Listing, just click on “Manage this page” and fill out your information.  To verify your Google+ Page, see ‘How do I verify my Google+ business page?’ and follow instructions.